Clip on your robotic rocket boots and run the gauntlet!

Rogue Singularity is a high-speed infinite obstacle course, set on the edge of reality. Players unlock and customise a robot avatar to face infinite challenges, surviving and trailblazing to find what lies beyond the black hole. Prove yourself by surviving on the wreckage of worlds in this precision platformer for desktop and console platforms.

Jump, hang, wall-slide and double jump your way to freedom. Watch out for the crazy hazards as you race to the finish and try to beat your best time!

In development for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One:

The team at Considerable Content are tighting the screws and installing the pnuematic pumps as they push to get Rogue Singularity finished. So keep those magnets in check and your scanners set to max as our news page will keep you updated with their progress!

If a robot dies in space can anyone hear it scream?

With a multitude of proceduraly generated, devious challenges Rogue Singularity will keep you pushing on. Explore to the center of the nebula and challenge yourself to setting some amazing times while you do so! With many different environmental styles and hazards you'll be finding new levels and variations long after the heat death of the universe!