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Help the heroes and CUT that GRASS!

You know what's the worst thing ever? Fighting slimes and dragons knee deep in grass and weeds.

Well if Shiba Kari has anything to do with it it wont be that way for long. Get your scythe sharpened and jump in to this quirky Japanese adventure puzzle game. Slice through over 50 levels of grass filled action and help those heroes save the kingdom, in battle grounds fit to have a picnic on!

Find our more about The Legend of Kusakari developer Librage, including what Nintendo thought of the game, in this special interview.

The Scythe:

Rush from blade to blade and then getting hacking! As you slice away at grass your Scythe will become sharper and start to level up. The higher the level the bigger area you can cut using your special ability. Watch out tho' Kusakari gets pretty ill if he's not cutting that grass so make sure you eat up those odd blue bits of grass for a health boost (I'm sure there is nothing odd about eating glowing blue grass right!?) then rush off to the next patch!


In The Legend of Kusakari you play the role of Shiba Kari, a humble grass cutter who keeps the fields clean so brave warriors can focus on defeating evil and in doing so, eventually defeat the Demon King. While cutting the grass Shiba Kari has to avoid the battles going on around him as well as the slimes, dragons and other objects trying to distract him from his heroic task.

He can level-up his scythe within each level of the game by cutting more grass and use this to unleash a powerful grass-cutting swing. He literally lives to cut the grass, so if he stops even for a short period he will lose health which can be replenished by finding and cutting a clump of life-giving blue grass.

The faster Shiba Kari completes each level, the higher his rank will be for that level. On completing each level he is rewarded with a fanfare from the good king's band, in which one of the trumpeters is not quite as proficient as the other band members.


Unlock the Green Thumb Almanac, a book which documents all the different types of weird and whacky grass, plants and weeds Shiba Kari cuts. There are various conditions under which players can get each collectible plant which will require you to attempt different ways of playing the levels to unlock them.


Play in endless mode where the grass keeps spawning for as long as Shiba Kari can stay alive to cut it. Finding and cutting the elusive blue grass is the key to survival in this mode. Fortunately there's a map and a sprint ability to help him survive. Online leaderboards for this mode will turn you from humble grass cutter to legendary lawn-mowing champion!